Don't Miss the Time

(Music: Toshiyuki Yasuda, Lyrics: Emi Hiraki and yorico latina)

ⒸToshiyuki Yasuda, Wizard Publishers ltd.

Don't miss the time, a drop has passed your leaf

The rhythm of footsteps of

People passing by,

Even the bobbles of milk

Are on my side

I can give you nothing, I don't know

Who you are, but you

You know there were such times

No matter how hard I tried

Went wrong and stumbled at times

How much I loved, no return

* Set me oh free, my fairy

As possible this is the only way that I'd

Thank for the kiss, for the wish

For the magic will, in this world

Don't miss the time, welcome happiness

The whispering words of rhyme

Sandwich together

Even the fragile moon light

Are on my side

Everything around me now is rose

What I love is here

Come all happiness to me

You see raindrops fluttering?

The beat and the silence of those

Catch away my cold cold tears, no return


Set me so free, from a tree

As possible, this is the only way that I'd

Thank for the sky that I fly

For the open mind in our nature